Ethically raised, low impact, delicious pork by Buck

Buck standing in the bush with one hand on a tall old growth tree

I raise a small swine herd on a gum tree plantation on Wadawurrung country

Then I hand craft bacon, sausages, and other treats

Free range on country

I run a mobile pig farm where small herds roam through gum trees on Wadarurrung country. An easy going life for better meat.

My dream is to leave the land better than I found it by using pigs to clear, aerate, and add nutrients to the soil under the trees. Once the pigs have worked through that section of bush, I move them on to new land.

I process the meat myself, making choice cuts, bacon and sausages. I’m involved end to end, so what I learn from cutting the pork helps me care for the the pigs.

Annual pork subscriptions

Support community agriculture with an annual Swine Subscription: 3kg of bacon, sausages, cures, and fresh cuts delivered to a hub near you monthly or bimonthly, plus exclusive member gifts and the option to add on any extras you need.

Support sustainable agriculture

Subscribing to Ethical Swine and get yourself some Swine. This sorts out your pork for the year and guarantees us an income, which means I can focus on looking after the herd and the land.

Packaged fresh cuts, sausages, cures and bacon from Ethical Swine
Ethical swine svg bacon

Brown Sugar Block Bacon

Cured for 4 days and smoked with apple wood. Nitrate and gluten free.

Ethical swine svg pork chop

Smoked Ham Hock

Brined for 4 days in Bodriggy Stout, Brown Sugar, Salt and water. Smoked with apple wood

Ethical swine svg sausages

Handmade Sausages

A rotating selection of seasonal flavours. All sausages are handmade by Buck using natural casings, and are nitrate, gluten, and filler free.

Plus a range of fresh cuts you can add on

  • Shoulder Roast
  • Shoulder Steak
  • Spare Rib
  • Loin Chop
  • T-Bone Chop
  • Loin
  • Tenderloin
  • Spider Steak
  • Cheeks
  • Fresh Hock

Meet me and see the farm

An interview with me about Ethical Swine on the ABC: